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Recently I’ve been inspired to photograph some landscapes and being as I’ve traveled a bit this year, I should really blog a few photos! From Shropshire on the Welsh border to Tennessee in the new south of North America.

Starting the year in London allowed me to grab some street photography action in our capital. It was new years and while waiting to meet my friends from Tennessee I had a good old stroll around the banks of the Thames. Last year I had really lost the flare for landscapes and streetscapes that I had previously, however walking around London gave me a buzz and got me back into something that I love doing.

It was around Regent Street in the rain that I captured the following street scene, showing London’s cycle hire scheme, in a kind of Film Noir way.

Regents Bikes

Blackpool? In March? Yup, out of season for sure. But why? Well a relative wanted a break from the Midlands and had no-one to go with, so I stepped in. For a week in cold, windy, shutdown Blackpool. I mean what a perfect time to go, I virtually had the place to myself. Piers with nobody on them, deserted beaches and sunsets in solace. Perfect!

Having gotten the whole of the South Pier to myself, and feeling quite privileged to have empty scenes, I managed to get this rather classic Victorian view of a British seaside holiday.

South Pier, Vintage Blackpool

From Blackpool to Nashville, I mean what an amazing opportunity I had here to capture some Americana. Within days of being there I had been shown what small town America is all about. It certainly was a great trip for many reasons, not least of all, I got to know my lovely partner, Shay and the places and faces that surround her.

Shay had told me about this old railroad bridge in Clarksville before going out there to Tennessee. Knowing of the song, “The Last Train To Clarksville” and being driven past this fabulous scene many times, I just had to go out with the tripod to capture this amazing bridge. Full of character it spans the Cumberland river which flows through nearby Nashville.

Railroad Bridge in Clarksville, TN

Having taken a break from major photography when I got back home from America, a photography friend, Ian Egner, had asked if I wanted to join him in some coastal photography around the Isle of Anglesey in Wales. We struggled to find a good beach, but when we found the one, it was simply amazing. Staying until it rained to capture the fading light over the coast, I used the opportunity to get some long exposure water shots.

I love this shot because of the pale blues and the strong greens in the scene. I’ve never seen the Irish Sea look so beautiful. It was well worth the long trip up there and I think I came out with some real gems. Unfortunately I had to contend with lots of sensor dust … grrrr.

Anglesey Coast

Stiperstones Shropshire
Again with Ian, we ventured up to the hills of Shropshire near sunset, undeterred by the forecast for rain. We arrived to once again a pretty deserted scene, it was just us and the elements. We trekked up the hill slowly, stopping to take in the beauty of these magnificent hills of the far west of the Midlands. I’m sure some of what we could see was likely to be Wales, or close to it. With sheep and lots of sheep related waste to content with.

I managed to get this awesome sunset shot, just before we got drenched in the hills “famous mist”. Again we really do suffer for our art!

Stiperstones Sunset

Making A Portfolio Available
All in all then, quite an active few months for landscape and travel photography. When I finally get round to it, I will look at opening some sort of portfolio site for this building archive of shots I have. Hopefully some of the gems I have here will appeal to some. If you’d like some prints or to see more, do let me know.

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