The Positives of Sleeping

What are the positive effects of sleeping? I’ve had a personal battle to accept a condition that makes my sleepiness unaceptable to people. I still affirm to myself that my disorder is positive. Spurred on by the Documentary included with the concept film “Inception”, I attempt to explain why even 10 minutes of sleep in the day is a good thing.

Dreams and Creativity
It seems to me that dreaming or even meditating can mostly only be a good thing when it comes to doing the sorts of work that I do. I work in the creative industry and some of my best ideas occur when I’m free of sensory distractions; when my brain is bringing it all together. A dream is a moment of clarity. Even creating web code is a creative process, within which are many problems to be solved. If I get 10 minutes sleep in the middle of working on a project I can easily be more productive, not less. I really don’t like the negative view of having some down time.


My dreams sometimes come into my photography, where I’ve seen something in waking life from a dream that I recall vividly.

I’ve made peace with my disorder, it enhances my ability to enter a dream within seconds. In sleep, we solve problems, how is it a waste of time?!

In Sleep We Solve Problems!
It’s now understood that REM sleep allows us to run through situations over and over, tweaking little things in order to solve a problem. I know that even in 10 minutes of REM sleep I could come up with solutions to project problems. How is that a bad thing?

I can enter REM sleep within seconds, I can lucid dream, I meditate easily and create my own dreamscapes, I’m so lucky to be able to use sleep in a positive way.

Lucid Dreaming
I lucid dream all the time, I can be lucid in a 20 minute nap. It’s normal to me, I’ve never thought of it as anything but normal. Lucidity is when you know you are dreaming and interact with the dream as if it were waking life. My favourite test to see if it’s a dream is my wrist watch, if it’s going backwards, it can’t be real?

Lucidity for me though often isn’t surreal, it’s very real and as such I don’t tend to go flying or wizz between planets; I’m having conversations with people I know, I’m even having a cup of tea with my nan who’s passed away, it’s all very real. That’s what I find facinating about the whole thing, that you can have a dream so real that you don’t feel it’s in your waking life, but because you know you are dreaming, it’s understood to be so and doesn’t worry you.

What else happens in my lucid dreaming (aside from dream sex)?

What else happens in my lucid dreaming (aside from dream sex)? Well we’re talking about places where I go, I have holiday destinations, quite a surreal one is a beach with huge windmills. I have a cave that I find appears during stressful times. Drew Barrymore has been my neighbour in my apartment block, I’ve carried shopping home for Madonna for some reason, these are all examples of how non-threatening and enjoyable my dreams are.

I’ve even resolved conflicts with a friend in my dreams, in which I probbaly cause the conflict in the first place. I saw the issue resolved it in my dream and not long after that things were resolved in the waking world too.

Sleep Restores The Body
Natural healing processes take place when we sleep.

I experienced Reiki recently and really got on well with it.

I must have fell asleep during the Reiki treatment but could still feel the tingling sensations normally felt with this practice. These calming sensations returned that night when I was just about to drop off into deep sleep. I find that when I’m in the trance state (we all enter this every night), that vivid colours swirl around in my eyes, blues greens and even yellows. While the Reiki was taking place over my head I could see these colours with an even brighter intensity, it was so nice and calming. I think we are all missing this deep relaxation and it can be found in the hypnogogic state between wakefullness and sleep!

I don’t tend to get many waking hallucinations, they only happen when I’m really very tired and about to collapse into sleep, but again they are non-threatening. I remember working on some Disney promotions at work and when crossing the road outside my apartment that weekend I had a very odd thing happen. I could see my appartment block, there are lots of lorries that pass by. I knew I was awake and not in a dream but as I was about to cross the road thinking it was clear I saw Minnie Mouses train and that stopped me then crossing the road; which is a good thing because I looked down and up again and it was a big red lorry hurtling down the road!

I remember working on some Disney promotions at work. I “saw” Minnie Mouses train passing my appartment block while out that weekend, it stopped me crossing the road; which is a good thing because a big red lorry was speeding down!

So if I can dream within minutes of taking a nap and 10 minutes in the real world can feel like an hour in the dream world, I feel very lucky that I can use this “problem” in a positive way in my life.

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