Severn Suspension Bridge

On the way back from a recent day trip to Weston with photography friend and fellow Walsall flickr member, Ian Egner we dropped by the Severn Suspension Bridge, my second such bridge this year. Having two that is the start of a collection, I’m collecting bridges, I must carry on collecting bridges! :)

It was on the way back we decided to make the most of the day, although exhusted we waited for the sun to start setting. Ian found the best spot via GPS on his new iPhone and we found ourselves on the edge of the river mouth looking out over to Wales (after walking past a field of yet more cows, a water treatment plant and an electricity substation), it was a proper adventure, trying to figure out the angles and playing with filters. I have to say we do have the world’s greatest hobby in photography, it takes you places you wouldn’t have thought about going.

While in Weston Super Mare, we saw the crew setting up for T4 on the beach, we got off the beaten track and got some great shots from nearby Uphill, which was up a hill, strangely enough! I guess to get the best shots, you have to be prepared to wonder into fields of cows, attempt to walk on quicksand (some kids did, a sticky situation for sure) and wait in a service station for the day to die so you can get the sunset over the bridge.


2 thoughts on “Severn Suspension Bridge

  1. Nice pic! I shot a cool little video on my phone driving over this bridge a couple of months ago!

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