Healthcare Inspired

Customised Wordpress Theme.

Production of an online technology catalogue for the IT&S division of HCA.

The brief was based solely on an Illustrator file, the time scale was 8 weeks, the result delivered beyond expectations. I produced a fully interactive WordPress website to showcase the technology that each of HCA’s divisions were using and to allow healthcare workers within HCA to request access to new products and services offered by IT&S. The work entailed a lot of information architecture planning to get the taxonomy of service lines and divisions down. Support contact information was offered and shared between the division custom post types and each technology could be tagged to a division as well as a network.

I built a notification system using WP_Query and developed a slide out panel to house these notifications that was designed in the mobile first methodology .

I used SVG graphics and Bootstrap 3 to create a fully responsive and flexible layout and as an added bonus developed a page section layout system called ‘Autoflows’ for the site based on the Advanced Custom Fields plugin. Autoflows was for me one of the most enjoyable challenges of this project, I wanted to build a lightweight page layout system because the plugins that I found were weighed down and very clunky to use.; hence I wrote my own plugin for WordPress to do page sectioning.


  • HTML
  • CSS / SASS
  • Bootstrap 3
  • jQuery
  • Adobe CC
  • Wordpress