Music Monday – Air France

Sticking with the theme of dreams for Music Monday, I’m gonna play you one of my favourite “dream pop” tunes, by house outfit Air France.

Air France, the musicians not the airline, define themselves as forming “Balearic Pop”, ambient, chilled and stripped down dance music aimed at the Ibiza, Cafe Del Mar crowd. For me this tune, Collapsing At Your Doorstep, is very warm and involkes images of holidays, summery escapes and came into my life around the time I began working for a travel team.

Better, it’s all like a dream, isn’t it? No

The video of mainly wind turbines (which I find majestic on landscapes) matches in perfectly with the underlying loop vocals “No Better, It’s All Like A Dream”. I also love the video because one of my most positive dreams is about windmills.

Air France – Collapsing at Your Doorstep


I saw the rare Air France EP at the start of this year in a record shop in Leamington and just had to buy it, I’ve had the digital downloads for a while but to have the On Trade Winds EP is something special! If you’re thinking about buying the EP, be advised there is an orgasmic track on it that shouldn’t be played in the presence of more sensitive ears.

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