Creative Updates – August

Hi peeps, I said I’d be back in August with some big news! Here’s some of it. Things seem to be racing along at 100mph at the moment and it’s hard to get time to water my own garden right here, but here goes!

My professional website is now live! Check it out over at Image Source Media. I did a lot of thinking about what my creative offer is and have decided it’s really about a number of things that I can pull in and draw upon to create something of value. Web development being the biggest pull, but also photography and graphic design too! The name is actually a geeky wordplay on the HTML tag and attribute combination that is used to pull images into web pages (img src) and really encompasses the two main offers of web design based in the west midlands and live music photography around Birmingham.

Of course tied in with all the web stuff are specialised services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), SMO (Social Media Optimisation) and around that is all the digital content to go with it from, copy writing and photography to video and audio editing, not to mention the actual planning that goes into an online campaign. So really what I’ve got at the moment online is the bare bones, it’ll grow organically and over time but I’m just so busy at the moment tending to the rosebushes of other magnificent gardens that my cherry tree is sort of taking a back seat.

Jack McManus is Live!
So to the first project then, I teamed up with the awesome James over at Replenish New Media and we both set up a site for singer songwriter Jack McManus, who has new material out very soon. We’re all chuffed with the results! I had no problems really getting to grips with the new WordPress 3.0 set up with the menus being a really nice feature. I was planning on doing a screenshot run through of WP3 but where to find the time? LOL!

New Art Gallery, Open Day
I was pleased to help out at the New Art Gallery in Walsall a few weeks ago, with my friend Ian of Egner Photography. The gallery were having an open day which was being covered photography wise.

Walsall Arboretum, Flickr Group
One to watch this one! I set up a flickr group for Walsall’s best outdoor space (in my humble opinion), to collect great images from the community of the park, the lakes and everything connected with the Arbo.

The Teds Live
The band played at the Irish Centre in Digbeth and I went along to take photos and also write a review of the gig which promises to be a must read!

Stay tuned, it’s just getting interesting!


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