Lee Jordan
Front End Web Developer


Originally from Birmingham, United Kingdom and now settled in East Nashville, Tennessee. Lee is approaching 15 years total and 10 years commercial experience in web development and design. Having worked in diverse environments from digital agencies through the online travel, environmental and entertainment industries as well as healthcare. Knowledgeable in the areas of open source, web standards, HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as in digital content production and design. He has worked server admin, backend dev but mostly finds a strange, frustrating and rewarding joy in the almost impossible art of front end development.

Lee has worked within upstart web agencies, the private arm of the UK governments environmental department (DEFRA) and a leading retail and consumer Co-operative in the UK. He has also interned at the BBC as a teenager and worked freelance for a time.

Outside of work Lee often finds himself interested in photography, live music and technology in general and enjoys cycling, nature walks and swimming.

Say hello over an email … lee.jordan@gmail.com

Geek out over some code at CodePen