Educated to degree level, originally from England and now settled in Tennessee USA, Lee brings a world of knowledge and experience from a diverse career in the web industry. Highly skilled in front end development as well as having considerable experience with PHP/MySQL Lee is an excellent all rounder when it comes to producing websites.

Dreaming big and aiming high is probably summed up by the following quote, which is a guiding principal in Lee’s life.

“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything” – George Mcfly

Able to take on many tasks above his job description he is also an excellent content generator and manager, using his passion for photography to build his own stock image library.

Lee has contributed to many online and offline communities, giving back and enriching the projects he is involved in. This is an important part of Lee’s ethos and work ethic and a big motivator for him. Lee believes in open source technology and notes its value to the commercial sector.

“Lee is a real asset. Someone who works quickly and is very enthusiastic, going that extra mile in order to get things just right” – James Clarke, Digital Strategy Specialist

Creative, methodical and focused, Lee is a very loyal friend and co-worker and will work well given his own space to explore and cultivate the many excellent ideas brewing. Lee is an excellent problem solver and will arrive at the best ways forward very quickly. Not a natural leader but more of an adviser Lee will do equally well consulting on projects as well as producing projects.

Always a valued member of the team and a hard worker it can take a little while to get to know Lee, but you’ll find a stubborn genius inside. In his personal life Lee is a fighter having battled cancer and various other challenges, one of which remains fighting an off circadian rhythm.

Lee has moved across an ocean to be with his soul mate, is a very active, intelligent and passionate person (and bears mentioning, has a British accent!).

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Email: lee.jordan@gmail.com